Cursey Technology’s versatility as a company means we can offer you bespoke packages of ancillary services that support our core contract electronics manufacturing activities.

Value added services we can provide, in combination with or independent of our core electronics manufacturing, including

Procurement & Supply Chain Management
Design & Project Management
Engineering Support
Cleaning, Conformal Coating & Encapsulation
Rework & Repair
Delivery & Direct Shipping
Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Cursey Technology can utilise its supply chain management expertise to offer you PCB procurement and electronic/electro-mechanical component procurement. Using our global electronics sources and buying power both in the UK and worldwide, we make sure you get value for money without compromising quality. We involve trusted electronics suppliers throughout the process and focus heavily on materials management.

We help you reduce your supplier lists and order processing; enabling valuable resources to be used elsewhere in your business.

We make sourcing your components our concern, ensuring any problems are highlighted in advance by progressing them through our materials management team.

Inline with our commitment to quality, bespoke parts, particularly those with a more complex nature, are often inspected against technical drawings and/or electrically tested before being passed into stock or kits.


Design & Project Management

Whether you are looking for Analogue or Digital electronic design, Cursey Technology has the skills and ability to satisfy your needs. Taking your conceptual product specifications through to circuit design, or designing the physical equipment including PCB design, we have the experience and facilities to project manage one or all of these tasks for you. Experienced engineering staff are supported with state-of-the-art CAD tools which enables us to provide any or all of the following:


  • Analogue & digital design
  • PCB design
  • Schematic Entry design
  • PLD/FPGA design and programming
  • Product design
  • Software design and development
  • Project management
  • Cable routing and layout
  • Enclosure and Electro-mechanical design
  • Component obsolescence re-design


Our flexibility means that we can take on major projects or the smallest of jobs to plug that hole in your development resource. Even when your lack of resource is so acute that you don’t have time to prepare a design specification, we can help.


Engineering Support

Engineering support represents value added services that are critical to some clients that do not have all the manufacturing and procurement resources needed and/or require additional support to realise and manage their product concepts and designs.


Cursey can aid you in writing, creating or re-producing various engineering documentation, such as product specifications or BOMs. We also have CAD engineers who can work with you to create PCB schematics, layouts, Gerbers and other technical drawings.

Cleaning, Conformal Coating & Encapsulation

Conformal coating and PCB encapsulation is a solution offered by Cursey to meet the growing demand for PCB assemblies to be protected against the conditions in high-stress environments. Our cost effective and accurate process ensures safe and secure operation of your PCB assemblies in climates of high humidity, increased dust and extremes of temperatures.


Prior to conformal coating or encapsulation it is paramount to de-flux and remove misprinted solder pads after the PCB assembly process. Our automatic spray cleaning system makes this task low cost and straightforward with minimum operative involvement.


During development of a new electronic product there is usually a requirement to produce a PCB prototype or electro-mech assembly before the design phase can hand over to the manufacturing process, however large the scale of that might be. Cursey recognises the need for, and demands of, this service and is adept at building low-volume (often single) PCB assemblies with a fast turn-around.


We can work with you during PCB prototyping, advising on Design for Manufacture (DFM), gathering feedback and test results so that your designs can be amended whilst the cost is still low.


Utilising our automatic and manual surface mount capabilities, coupled with our skilled personnel, we can quickly adapt our manufacturing processes to cater for your prototype PCB assembly requirements.


Rework & Repair

With a skilled workforce and a large investment in appropriate tools and technologies, Cursey can meet a varied demand for Printed circuit repair, PCB rework and electronics repair tasks. Our engineers can fault find down to the component level, and then remove and replace complex parts with a high degree of success.


  • Fault analysis and identification
  • Additional component modification
  • Component replacement including LSI parts such as BGA’s QFN’s and QFP’s
  • Up revising of hardware and firmware
  • Printed circuit bare board track repair, rework and modification

Delivery & Direct Shipping

The ability to deliver directly to our customers greatly supports the partnerships we build with them and it facilitates a more efficient end-to-end process, enabling product to be securely in our hands until reaching the customer. Our logistical capabilities remove the need for our customers to manage any of the despatch and delivery process. Cursey can offer these logistical solutions:

  • White box delivery to end user available
  • Safe and secure packing
  • Bespoke and specialist shipping cases can be designed and built if required
  • Complete management over the build, packing, despatch and delivery process