Cursey Technology’s specialist equipment and highly trained operatives and electronics engineers enable us to offer you quality manufacture and build of electro mechanical systems along with associated ancillary services such as PCB testing and inspection.

As our core activity, we can offer you build and manufacture services that include:

Surface Mount PCB Assembly
Conventional PCB Assembly
Box Build
Instrument Build
Electro-mechanical Assembly
PCB Testing and Inspection
Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Cursey has heavily invested in surface mount technologies and can offer unrivalled PCB manufacture using tin-lead and lead-free processes (RoHS compliant). Our automatic pick and place machines and manual PCB assembly processes allow for quality, cost effective manufacture of your single-sided or multilayer PCBs.


We operate:

  • 4 fully automated MyData pick and place machines: TP9-UFP, TP18, MY12, MY15
  • 2 manual placement stations for awkward components that cannot be machine placed
  • An Essemtec RO-400FC reflow oven that we can profile for both tin-lead and lead-free (RoHS) processes

We can place and rework all commonly encountered surface mount packages.


All of which allows us to offer reliable and adaptable processes to cater for those prototype assemblies requiring special attention as development progresses and for the larger volume production batch.


Conventional PCB Assembly

Cursey’s contract PCB manufacturing services are further underpinned by our conventional through-hole PCB assembly capability. We can offer PTH assembly with either RoHS compliant (lead-free) or tin-lead solder processes. Many of our clients appreciate our tin-lead process capability for their legacy products. We have a dedicated wave soldering machine for each process. Our IPC-A-610 qualified team are crucial in the manufacturing process of your complex, multiple technology circuit boards but also play a key part in rapid prototyping of low volume electronic products.


For medium to high volume products we utilise an automated lead cutting machine. Our production engineering team handles sourcing of the crop plates on your behalf.


We operate two Blundell CMS400 flow solder machines and each new job is temperature profiled to ensure that your product undergoes an optimum soldering process.


Box Build

Our highly trained engineers and electro-mechanical assembly technicians have extensive experience in box build. This aspect of our activities involves a diverse range of capabilities which enable us to handle products for a wide variety of applications from rugged-box assembly for high environmental stress conditions to precision assembly of sensitive laboratory instruments.


We have the flexibility to offer you partial or complete box build whilst adhering to a comprehensive inspection regime with stage by stage signing-off against checklists for each task.


  • Chassis wiring and cable loom assembly
  • Sourcing of enclosures, labels and accessories
  • Device programming and final product configuration
  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Functional test, environmental stress testing
  • PAT testing
  • Customer facing packaging and direct ship to end user if required


Instrument Build

Representing one of our core contract electronics manufacturing activities is our instrument build service. Far more involving and demanding a higher level of technical capability than other electro-mechanical assembly tasks, our engineers are proud to offer you a first-rate bespoke build service of your instruments. Whether the application is for quality assurance or for high-precision research we have the means and the skills to manage the entire project, from conception to final configuration, providing engineering support where required.


We have the flexibility to offer you a range of involvement levels whilst adhering to a comprehensive inspection specification with stage by stage signing-off against checklists for each task.


  • Range of capability: simple QA grade to research grade instruments
  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Functional test
  • Calibration and verification
  • PAT testing

Electro-mechanical Assembly

Valuable sub assembly services we often provide are the management and oversight of the build of your electro-mechanical systems; from procurement of fabricated components to design and build. Cursey can offer you absolute competence in the complete process of electro-mechanical assembly.


We are the prime contractors for one of our major customers, which enable us to source all the high precision-machined piece parts for the system we eventually build and test.


  • Management of entire electro-mechanical assembly projects, including materials
  • Device test and full product test services available
  • High-precision part sourcing and assembly


PCB Testing and Inspection

Cursey has invested heavily in staff training (IPC-A-610) and equipment so that we can delivery high quality product consistently. As part of our ISO9001:2008 quality management system we carry out three stages of PCB inspection of all assemblies prior to PCB testing and running functional test (if required):


  • End of build check
  • Detailed inspection using either magnification equipment or our Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machine
  • Final inspection prior to packing and shipping




If required, PCB assemblies and complete units pass through our test department for a level of test that suit your needs, ranging from Go/No Go to full verification. Our test engineers are available to design custom functional tests and build test rigs to meet your required specification.


  • Unit and instrument test capabilities
  • Device programming and product configuration
  • Testing is carried out against your specification with all results recorded on unit history sheets.
  • All measuring equipment is calibrated according to ISO9001:2008 requirements.