Manufacturing is monitored at each stage of production

  • Manufacturing Control

The key to our manufacturing control capability lies with our heavily-bespoked Enterprise Control software. The use of this system allows us to serialise your assemblies so that we can provide thorough traceability and efficient control of every stage of the manufacturing process. Further, our control system provides reproducibility and ensures any appropriately trained individuals are job ready.
Your job specification is broken down as required and reflected on barcode-controlled Route Cards which log each task, and are then used by our staff within the control system so that each stage can be monitored and managed .

Dedicated station for scanning route cards

  • Flexibility to separate each stage of the manufacturing process with individual Route Cards, greatly improving efficiency and turn-around time
  • How much compliance is implemented by the control system can be tailored to your specification, allowing greater flexibility and versatility
  • Traceability of product through to source materials if required (at a cost in time and resource)