Cost-effective and high quality surface mount manufacture, from single sided to complex PCB assemblies

  • Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Cursey has heavily invested in surface mount technologies and can offer unrivalled PCB manufacture using tin-lead and lead-free processes (RoHS compliant). Our automatic pick and place machines and manual PCB assembly processes allow for quality, cost effective manufacture of your single-sided or multilayer PCBs.
Surface mount feeder tray for PCB assembly

We operate:


  • 4 fully automated MyData pick and place machines: TP9-UFP, TP18, MY12, MY15
  • 2 manual placement stations for awkward components that cannot be machine placed
  • An Essemtec RO-400FC reflow oven that we can profile for both tin-lead and lead-free (RoHS) processes


We can place and rework all commonly encountered surface mount packages.


All of which allows us to offer reliable and adaptable processes to cater for those prototype assemblies requiring special attention as development progresses and for the larger volume production batch.

Reels of Surface Mount PCB components   Surface mount PCB assembly production area