Our highly skilled in-house team
will ensure reliable fitting of
conventional components

  • Conventional PCB Assembly

Cursey’s contract PCB manufacturing services are further underpinned by our conventional through-hole PCB assembly capability. We can offer PTH assembly with either RoHS compliant (lead-free) or tin-lead solder processes. Many of our clients appreciate our tin-lead process capability for their legacy products. We have a dedicated wave soldering machine for each process. Our IPC-A-610 qualified team are crucial in the manufacturing process of your complex, multiple technology circuit boards but also play a key part in rapid prototyping of low volume electronic products.


For medium to high volume products we utilise an automated lead cutting machine. Our production engineering team handles sourcing of the crop plates on your behalf.


We operate two Blundell CMS400 flow solder machines and each new job is temperature profiled to ensure that your product undergoes an optimum soldering process.


PCB assembly Lead Tool   Conventional through-hole PCB build